Travlers Blog: Kristen Howard


Often times we ask our dear friends and travel participants to write a lil blog about their experience with PHoH.  Here is our latest from Kristen.  A dear friend and Advocate for PHoH.  Thank you Kristen for your loving heart and kind soul. #loveyouforlife. 

  This was my second time traveling to Haiti but first time with Project House of Hope.  My experience is hard to put into words because it involved so many different emotions. I've been on numerous mission trips all around the world. However, this trip with PHoH touched me so deeply. There is just a warmth and joy that radiates from everyone connected to PHoH that you just can't help but fall in love with Haiti and it's people. I felt love, heartache, compassion, simplicity, complexity and a desire to just be.  I felt like God had me right where He wanted me, right when He wanted me to be there.  I prayed for a long time about when I would have another opportunity to go serve in Haiti and it was 6 years from the first time I was there, but it was because I was suppose to go with PHoH. God also blessed me with friendships I will have for life. 
  My favorite experience on this trip was getting to just get to know the kids.  It wasn't too rushed or hectic.  We were able to pick some activities that we loved doing like rock painting, dancing, and tie dying.  Mostly though, we just hung out with the kids and that's what we needed and I think it's what they needed too.  We all just want to be loved and be told we are loved.  My goal was to bring joy to the kids PHoH helps and I hope we did that because the kids sure brought me joy.
  Another experience that will stick with me for a very long time is getting to help with goat distribution up to the mountain community.  We tend to get so wrapped up in our own world here in the states with jobs, kids, practices, etc etc etc and when we actually are faced with real need and gratefulness, it kind of slaps us in the face. To hear stories like this goat could mean either life or death if we have a sick kid pretty much stops you in your tracks.
  One of my hardest missionary moments happened up on that mountain while delivering goats.  A mother holding a diaperless baby motioned to me if I could breastfeed her baby.  That time has passed for me, but I would have if I could.  It was such a heartbreaking moment for me to have to say I couldn't help.  And to know her baby needed food.  And all the other babies on that mountain need food too.
  I will be back to Haiti with Project House of Hope. Armed with more joy to share and maybe some formula. 😉