How much does it costs to sponsor a child? The cost to sponsor a child is $40 a month. Buddy Sponsorships are $40. 


What is the sponsorship money used for? Child Sponsorships provide our children with quality shelter, three nutritious meals a day, education, healthcare, and spiritual development. 


How much of the money goes to helping the child? 100% of the money directly impacts the life of the children and is used to meet his or her needs.  


What is the difference between a Sponsorship and a Buddy Sponsorship?  The Sponsorship Program directly impacts the life of a child, but will most likely be completed by an adult. The Buddy Sponsorship was created to encourage children to give back and help a Haitian child, allowing them to correspond through letters, drawings, photos, etc. resources on the importance of giving back by sponsoring the children and corresponding with them through exchange of letters, drawings, photos, etc. The Buddy Sponsorship allows the children to learn from each other and get a glimpse of life in a different culture. 


How do I sponsor a child? Click Here


How do I communicate with my child? Since there is no mail system in Haiti, all letters should be sent to our office in Atlanta. They will be hand delivered and translated by our staff. When the children write back, our staff will help with translation as well, if needed.


In your letters, please


·      Encourage your sponsor child in their education and faith.

·      Explain local holidays, family traditions, hobbies, cultural subjects

·      Share information about your life and your family -  but please be
       careful when talking about material possessions. 

·      Do not include any personal contact information including phone
       number, address, email address, social media links, or any other way that the child could contact you      directly. This is for the protection of both parties. 


Can I sponsor more than one child? Yes, you can sponsor as many as you would like. Our children love receiving mail!


Can I send gifts to my child? Yes, you can send gifts through our Atlanta office. The gifts will be taken down on the next trip to Haiti. Please email us to determine the needs of the child and keep the gifts small so they can fit in a suitcase. 


Can I visit my child? Yes, we encourage you to join us on one of our trips - click here


Is my donation tax deductible?  Yes, we are a 501(c)3 organization and will send you a tax receipt at the end of the year.