Travlers Blog: Emma Lindsey


We were blessed to have another amazing trip with our friends from Project Grace.  Have a look at one participants take on her recent Journey of Hope. We love you Emma and can not wait to see what the future holds. xo

My Haiti

by Emma Lindsey

I always knew I wanted more in life, and I found so much MORE in Haiti.  I traveled with Project Grace to teach yoga to the beautiful children from Project House of Hope.  We did yoga, made bracelets, taught each other phrases in Creole/English, painted, hugged, laughed and loved.

It’s such an overwhelming feeling to be so fulfilled, it’s like my heart is literally bursting at the seams.  And it was more than just the children who are wonderful, it’s also the local staff at PHoH.  They were fantastic!  I felt so protected and cared for, and I am ever grateful for their kindness to me and each other.  

Haiti has endeared itself to me on so many levels and in so many ways.  The heat, the sweat, the love and belly-aching laughter, the cold showers and coconuts macheted open by hand.  It’s an experience you think you could understand before-hand, but it’s so much more.  I’ve never felt so much love and life in one place, from one people.

There is a beauty in Haiti I never knew existed.  The mountains and Sea are a sight to behold, but the real beauty lies within its people.  Their resiliency is astounding, and it creates a space for them in your heart before you even know what is happening.  The sense of community is awe-inspiring, many of these people have nothing to give yet they share everything.  They have suffered so much, but they wake up everyday and continue to live and love one another.

It’s amazing to me to think how I experienced so much joy amongst so much sadness.  My hardest moment came when we took supplies up the mountain to a small community cut off from a water supply.  There had been rain and the road was too muddy for us to make it all the up.  So instead the people came down to us, and the children especially were so excited.  

A young girl wearing a little bucket hat stayed at my side.  She was holding my hand, and I noticed a rash across her face.  Her mother came over and pointed to her child’s legs, showing me that the rash had spread over her body.  Then she took off the little bucket hat and my heart broke.  Her entire head was covered in scabs, and this brave little girl smiled all the while, just happy to hold my hand.  In that moment I knew there was no going back for me, I had to do more to help.

And so now I begin a new journey.  One where Haiti has burned itself upon my soul and I am forever changed.  The coming days for me will be filled with thoughts of the beautiful people, and how I may best come back to them.  In the meantime, each moment away, I will be missing My Haiti…