Our Next Adventure at House of Hope, and you're invited

We are excited to share with our House of Hope supporters exciting news! Over the last year we have been tossing around the idea of acquiring a Guest House.  The idea has been on paper for quite some time.  The dream even longer.  Paul, myself, and many of our supporters have tried to come up with just how we could make this dream a reality.  In April of this year we took a leap of faith and "hope" that now was the time to make it happen.  There is always a season and a reason! The opportunity for the perfect house came to us. With lots of support from our Board Members, Family, Friends, and even Strangers, we were blessed with the ability to have our dreams come true.  We now offer a beautiful home for House of Hope travelers, fellow Missionaries, Haitians, or folks who want to visit Montrouis. The house is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy, with plenty of indoor and outdoor space available.  We will enjoy hosting teams who visit the community we love to call home. House of Hope like many of you was spending up to 70% of our funds raised for a team trip going to the hotel.  We are excited to use the funds we will be saving to help with our sustainable programs in the community. If you travel to the Montrouis area we invite you to come stay with us.  More details and information available for you in the near future. Look for the Guest House tab on the website, and also a fb page.   I am sharing with you now in hopes you consider staying with us on a future trip.  We can accommodate 14-20 people currently, have 5 bed rooms and 5 full bathrooms.  We also offer 2 fresh meals a day.  Please contact myself or Paul (Kesnel Toussaint) for availability and pricing.  Looking forward to sharing our home with you! 


Amy Fletcher

House of Hope



House of Hope Guest House now available for you to rent!

House of Hope Guest House now available for you to rent!