Our Summer has been a SPLASH!!

We are back from another great trip to Haiti spending precious time with those we love and serve.  In April we hosted our first team at Hope's Nest our beautiful guesthouse and gathering space.  Our dear friend and Board Member Jane hosted her Church family from Calvary Baptist Church including her husband, lead Pastor, and a dedicated and gracious group of folks.  The team came with open hearts and minds teaching, working, worshiping, and loving our children and the entire community we serve.  The team also had a great attitude when it came to staying at the Guest House.  With our first experience hosting a team they were troopers!  What a blessing it was to have a safe and enjoyable place to rest and gather. Our meals were prepared in typical Haitian style, and the staff and security at the house were a pure joy. We are excited to work with many local Haitians in the community. Lead by our Friend and Partner Kesnel (Paul) Toussaint leading the way building relationships and giving opportunity to many offering employment at the guest house, or one of our many Community or Sustainable Programs.  

The children at House of Hope and Hope 12:21 had open hearts and minds building friendships with the entire group who traveled with us from Calvary.  We are excited to build our relationship and grow as we host Calvary in their future International Ministry Program.  Looking forward to experiencing the future of HoH with the entire Calvary Church.

Two additional teams have traveled with us this summer spending quality time with the children and sharing love and light with so many!! Our kids are enjoying their summer spending time at the beach, playing with one another, enjoying activities when teams visit, and even getting a few special trips to the local hotel where they can swim and play. This a very, very  special treat for the children. Thanks to our travelers who make this exciting day happen for the kids.  I must admit its my favorite thing to do with the kids.  I honestly see pure joy coming from each and every child.  The day ends with some very tired and grateful children! 

The past few months our Orphan Care Program has been blessed with additional folks who decided to Sponsor one of our beautiful children at House of Hope and Hope 12:21 .  We at HoH  want to thank everyone who helps us by your dedication to caring for the basic needs of your sponsor child, and all the children in our care.  This is the one area we rely on heavily each and every month. A small sacrifice you make, is life changing for the children you help care for. HoH has a huge responsibility and commitment to care for the children and also to support those who look after them and love them everyday.  Having a Sponsor is more then just about the monthly gift, the kids look forward to sharing notes, and gifts with their family.  We have hopes that one day they can meet some of their Sponsors.  Many of the children have already met their Sponsor, and enjoy sharing their stories, and progress building a  personal and beautiful relationship.  Please consider becoming a part of our family and also help us with our commitment to care for the children and become a Sponsor today! The process is easy with an automatic payment option, all gifts are tax deductible.  Help us Help Them!

The next few months at House of Hope are filled with exciting trips planned, launching new fundraising efforts, and building the support and foundation of our organization.  We are committed as a team to build awareness of our love, work and passion to care for all of our children, and the entire community we serve.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to spread the word about our work in Haiti, or would like information on hosting a trip.  We would be happy to talk with you at anytime.  The future is exciting and we are hope you come along!

Much love from the entire House of Hope Family, enjoy the rest of your summer, and join us along our "Journey of Hope".