Rousseau: Help us Help them get water

Hello Everyone!!! 

We hope your summer has been exciting and full of hope!  Ours at House of Hope sure has been.  We have had a summer filled with exciting trips, fundraisers, and so much more.  One thing is for sure, and that is our new found love for Haiti in a small village called Rousseau.  Many of you were introduced to it at the same time as us.  During the devastating Hurricane Matthew last October that tore through much of Haiti.  Our dear friend and Partner Paul (Kesnel) Toussaint reached out in a plea to his friends and family for help to get this desperate community back on its feet.  We were fortunate to visit soon after to help deliver supplies and meet with the community. We heard their voices and their prayers loud and clear.... The need for water. They are grateful to all of the people who have come together to help.  I know Matt and his team have building projects in the works and are committed to helping like many of you.  I am sorry if I do not mention everyone, the good news is people are coming together to help.  We all have other obligations and commitments, but when God places a community of people in your path who are counting on your support, you find a way to make it happen!!! Many people sent emails, made phone calls and reached out to friends and communities for help.  Great news!!! A local Haitian company has surveyed the land and can drill for a well.  This is a blessing that will help sustain the entire community of Rousseau.  This community is close to many of our hearts. It is now that I am asking of you to help us bring water to Rousseau for Christmas.  The entire project will cost about $12,000- $15,000 to complete.  Paul has met with the company, and they are ready to drill.  Our friends at Love for Haiti have raised the funds to build a bridge so trucks and equipment will make it up the road.  We now need to raise the funds to drill.  Last weekend House of Hope hosted a fundraiser and raised almost half of the funding necessary for the project.  We are asking you.... our friends, family, and even strangers who want to help us bring water to this community. Currently people walk up to two hours sometimes to get as much water as they can possibly carry back... Water is a resource no human should have to live without.  Lets help this small village of beautiful people get water. They want to start farming, raising live stock, cooking, bathing, all of the most amazing gifts water can bring... You can contact us directly at and put "water for Rousseau" in the comments, contact Paul directly and he can answer any questions you may have. Paul is willing to take donations directly if you want to wire funds, or just add to what you may have already planned for another project to him. You may also contact Dianna at Love for Haiti, at they are also taking donations and can direct you if you want to join in helping us help them.  Thank you in advance for being a part of this important effort to bring such a valuable resource to this amazing community.  Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping everyone updated on the progress!  AF #ittakesavillage #waterforRousseau

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