Thats What They See at Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  We hear this phrase and sing this song often this time of year.  This year I had a whole new feeling when I shared that saying.  It hit home when my dear friend Tiffany and her amazing husband Lee approached me to have our kids sing with them on their Christmas CD. (Noel, Tif & Lee download it today)  The children were excited and happy to share their sweet and angelic voices with Tiffany and Lee on a song called "Thats what they see at Christmas"  Their innocence and joyful hearts come alive when they sing.  The song is a beautiful tribute to what we should all see at Christmas.  No matter if your a child in Haiti or a child in The United States, your both still wishing underneath the same "Christmas star"  The wishes may be different, but all the children hope for the promise Santa will come and they will have a house full of love.  No matter how many times I travel to Haiti and spend time with my family and friends there, these "Moment Makers" will forever continue to mold me as a person. So with that, yet another opportunity for me to continue to grow and enjoy this journey of hope.  I am grateful to all of you who love our children as your own. We will have the opportunity to travel to Haiti spend Christmas with the kids, celebrate the New Year, and enjoy the celebrations for  Haitian Independence Day.  Watching the children Christmas morning is a very special and exciting time. The kids are grateful to their sponsors and all of you who help us bring the joy of Christmas to so many.   Children all over the world and in our own cities are wishing for Santa to come.  While your out shopping why not pick something up for a child who may not have Christmas without the help of others. There are many local organizations collecting.  If you would like to help our kids and their caregivers you can visit the website to make an in kind gift, or you can choose from the list below and purchase specific items.  The items will need to be picked up or dropped off if you are local by December 18th.  So, when someone says, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"  please remember, in addition to it "looking" like Christmas, think about what others may see at Christmas, and if you can make their Christmas a little brighter, then do so.  Thank you to those of you who continue to support our efforts, and also Thanks to those of you who have decided PHoH will be on your Christmas Giving list this year!!

Much Love! and Merry Christmas, Amy Fletcher 

Christmas Wish List: Project House of Hope...

  • Solar lights (small), flash lights, batteries, umbrellas, twin sheets, wash cloths and bath towels, table cloths (oblong and washable) lotion, bar soap, toothpaste, shampoo, hair grease,  small metal bowls, shower curtains and rings, sheer drapes full length, un locked cell phones (for the mammas),  
  • soccer balls, remote controlled cars, radios, watches for girls and boys, baby dolls and barbies, matching games, coloring and activity books, DVDs, anything that plays music, instruments, 
  • arts and craft supplies
  • Choose a specific child from our Sponsor a Child page, message us for sizes and wish list
  • Choose one of our caregivers to bring joy this Christmas.We have 8 woman and 4 men who give of themselves to ensure our children have the best care and are living a healthy and happy life. Please let us know if you would like a list of specific sizes.