Keep Olsen Smiling

Photos by @HaleyGeorge

Photos by @HaleyGeorge

He looks up with shy eyes, speaking softly-- but speaking

Three years ago, Olsen came to House of Hope as a malnourished two-year-old, with scabies, parasites, and no indication that he could formulate a word. In light of Haiti’s 300,000 orphans, House of Hope provides children with a safe place to call home and an attention to their most basic, human needs.

When Olsen arrived, he was immediately immersed in a world he had never before experienced. Transformation ignited through access to familial community, education, and nutrition. Olsen grew from having no energy to being able to keep up in playing alongside the other children; he changed form being worn by a sad demeanor to wearing an endearing smile.

Though shy at first, Olsen warms up quickly by grasping an outstretched hand or snuggling sweetly into any empty lap. In three years at House of Hope, Olsen has grown –– from silent to resounding, from apathetic to attentive, from neglected to loved, and from detached to engaged –– always with his joyful grin.

House of Hope loves transforming lives, like Olsen's, by providing kids with a safe home, health, education and family. Give the gift of life transformation for Olsen and his siblings at House of Hope.