The Power of Hope - an Update from the Founder

GUESS WHAT!? We have a new website!! What better time to launch this new site than on the heels of an amazing summer trip to Haiti. Returning from the past few weeks in Haiti, I am encouraged by the work we have been able to do AND even more excited about the direction we are heading. We've been able to see so much progress and sustainability within all of our programs and overall community. Each person who joined us in Haiti was able to share their unique gifts and talents. We were able to mentor, lead, teach new skills and just share good old fashioned love to so many. It truly was an amazing time for our organization. 

At the end of last year, we decided to strategically focus our efforts on four core areas that allow us to work efficiently and effectively with locals in Haiti. The results have been incredible. We ARE making a lasting impact on the lives of the those with whom we work as well as future generations. We have made so much progress since we first started and are grateful to all of you who have supported us along the way. Not many folks can say (well at least ordinary folks like me) that they have witnessed the transformation of a community through the generosity of others. Individuals of this community are human beings who did not ask to be born in a country where the most basic resources are often not available and where it is a struggle to survive. However, through our programs, we have been able to provide these resources - allowing individuals to thrive and care for themselves and their families - and are now wanting to encourage their community to do the same. I am honored to walk along each of you in this journey of simply loving others. 

We are looking forward to the rest of 2015 and are excited about the future of our core programs. Below I have listed a few of them:

Women's Empowerment: We have successfully launched a sewing program and currently have eight woman enrolled in the class.  Teaching basic sewing skill sets and ongoing training by a Haitian Seamstress.  A follow up class and workshop will be held in October with graduation scheduled for January 2016. 

Heroes of Hope Soccer: Our team is geared up and ready to compete. During their summer break from school the boys will actively participate in games and leadership workshops. Additionally, we will focus their personal development progress to community service and continuing education.

Orphan Care:  We are excited about the addition of new children to our home.  Offering a safe place, 3 meals a day, love, compassion and so much more.  We are actively seeking Sponsors for the children.  We have high hopes all children will be sponsored and also matched up with a "Buddy" This is vital in ensuring all of their basic needs are met. 

Goats to Hope: This is an on going program offering families the gift of a goat.  The goat is like a business for the family, offering a means to become self sufficient.  Many are excited to participate knowing they will contribute back to the community in which they live, re-gifting the first female to a fellow Haitian.

Travel Program: This is an exciting and fulfilling way for our supporters to come share their gifts with the community we serve.  No matter what your gift or talent we encourage you to share it with our friends and family in Haiti. When you do what you love and use it as a tool to serve, everyone benefits! Your expirence as a House of Hope traveler will be life changing... 

Our Hope for the future from the administrative perspective:

* We continue to live a life of love and honor for those we serve and who support our efforts
* Have the wisdom to make good decisions at all times
* Grow in our faith to walk hand and hand with our Savior
* Have knowledge and understanding
* Ongoing financial provisions- for new partners, donors, and the need for continued support not only financial but also in prayer. 

Our work is completely in God's hands... We are incredibly grateful for everyone He has drawn to become part of our story. We need all of your help to make our story complete. 

That is the Power of Hope!!


Thank you for taking the time to read and being part of our story! 
      - Amy